As for Hydroelectric Power, we work more specifically on Runners for Hydroelectric Power Plants, and other components such as plug tips, nozzles, guide vanes, Kaplan blades etc…

With the experience gained during thirty years of collaboration with major manufacturers, and expecially with Voith Hydro SpA (Ex Riva Calzoni), of which we usually are the Company partner for hydraulic profiles finishing, for repairs and for regeneration, we are able to provide the best solutions for every requirments, both for maintenance (in Power Plant or in NR Tech Workshop), for partial or total hydraulic profiles regeneration, and for the supply of new Runners, evaluated and designed to obtain the best possible efficiency.

With some Clients we have open contracts lasting one or two years for Runners scheduled maintenance, in Power Plant or in NR Tech Workshop; actually wehave active open contracts with Enel Green Power Lombardia Area (ongoing since 2007 and open up to all 2016), with Hydro Dolomiti Enel Trentino Area (open up to all 2016), and with Enel Green Power Larderello.

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Girante asse verticale 6 getti da 80 MW