About us


NR TECH SrL (Ex N.R. di Noventa Carlo & C. SrL)  has been founded in 1979 and is specialized in special welding and workings on important castings such as Francis, Pelton and Kaplan runners for hydroelectric power plants, valves, pumps, turbine bodies, as well as components for railway and naval industries.

Specifically as for Hydroelectric Power, we work for more than 30 years with both Manufacturers (Voith Hydro SpA) for finishing hydraulic profiles of new runner and for total or partial revision of deteriorated runner, and with Energy Production Companies, for revision and/or periodical maintenance of hydraulic profiles  directly in Power Plant.

Specifically as for valves, we perform overlays from many years, with wire and/or strips Inconel 625, s.s. 309 – s.s. 316 -Aluminum Bronze – on Body, Balls, Closure, Bonnets etc.. and joint welding Valves/Pups – Closure/Pups, according to our qualified procedures or customer own  procedures.


  • We are Certified since 2004 with Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 3834-2
  • Our personnel is Certified with 2° Level SNT-TC-1A  and 2° Level EN ISO 1972 for  non distructive examination with method MT–PT-UT
  • We are supported by one internal certified I.W.S. / E.W.S.
  • We have a list of more than 100 qualified welding procedure.

In details, following are the workings carried out:  

  • MT-PT-UT-RT controls
  • MIG/MAG and TIG Welding by wire, automatic with robot
  • MIG/MAG and TIG Welding by wire, semiautomatic
  • Submerged Arc Welding by wire, semiautomatic
  • Electrode Welding
  • Strips cladding in electroslag and submerged arc.
  • Plating against corrosion and wear
  • Dimensional grinding of Hydroelectric Power Plant runners
  • Engineering and supply new impellers for hydroelectric plants
  • Revision and improvements on Pelton, Francis, Kaplan runners
  • Ordinary and extraordinary repairs in NR TECH or c/o customers

  Some data about our Company:

  • Total Working area: 1200 square meters;
  • Travelling bridges crane 35 tons;
  • Welding Positioners up to 25 tons;
  • N° 02 Robot Cell ABB  MIG/TIG with 6 Tons Positioner;
  • N° 01 Robot Cell TIESSE ROBOT MIG with 2 Tons Positioner
  • N° 08 Semiautomatic welding plants MIG / MAG
  • N° 02 Semiautomatic welding plants PTA / MIG / MAG
  • N° 02 Semiautomatic welding plants SAW / ESW